Iris São Paulo, Avenida Nova Independência, 87, Cj. 172
São Paulo, 04570-000, Brazil

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Unorthodox concepts that transcend lines, boxes and disciplines

Digital. That’s our essence. But of course that doesn’t stop us from also making and sharing connections in the real world. We believe in people, not in platforms. We have a saying here: “The best thing about Brazil is its people.” We completely and absolutely believe in that! We love feijão com arroz, but you definitely won’t find that here. And we believe our passion is what brings clients the most F*DA campaigns.

Key People

Lara Burniston
Managing Director
Imported from our NYC office 2 years ago, Lara leads our office with her deep digital expertise as well as her drive to create innovative, high quality work, all while having the time of our lives.
Lara Burniston
Lia D´Amico
Operations Director
Lia’s main goal in life is to deliver top quality production, in time, on budget. Not a miracle, just some good planning and the best team we can get.
Lia D´Amico
Fabiana Jadão
Director of Account Team
Fabiana is responsible for leading close client relations through true partnership, bringing the agency to real business solutions.
Fabiana Jadão


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