Ben Essen wins the 2015 Admap Prize

Congratulations are in order for our very own Head of Planning in London this week - as Ben Essen has won the highly coveted Admap Prize, for his essay 'Embrace the Outliers'.

First talking on the topic at Cannes last year, with Exec Creative Director Chris Baylis, Ben argued in his essay that rather than spend their time searching for trend lines within Big Data, marketers should be looking for the outliers within data - the anomalies that lead to a genuinely fresh insight that inspires creativity.

It's a huge achievement - and shines a light on a hotly debated topic that lots of agencies, marketers and clients are still trying to get their heads around. 

In addition to taking home the Gold, Ben will awarded with a $5,000 cheque at an Admap Prize celebration event at Cannes Lions on June 25th, billed 'Data and Creativity: A Beautiful Tension', with contributions from Marc Mathieu, JWT's Guy Murphy and data visualisation expert David McCandless.

Try not to spend that $5,000 all in one night on La Croisette Ben!

For more info on the award - click here.  To request a copy of Ben's essay, email