Big Breakfast Breakthrough

Wednesday was a great morning as Iris had breakfast with some break through, talented individuals. Fola, Abi, Joel, Jasmin, Ibrahim, Jide and Koby –  people who you could say, are knocking down barriers and really bringing some seriously authentic thoughts to the table.

As an advertising agency it’s always refreshing to see what else is out there and to stay connected with culturally relevant resource, and that’s exactly what today was about.

It was talent in focus, giving us a real insight into the young creative scene emerging from that generation. It was Iris just being an open ear to listen, to understand what other great talented young people are up too.

When you consider how many people there are in the creative industry, sometimes we become so consumed by what we’re ‘used to’ we don’t always get to see what else is going on around us. Which is entirely normal and something, we’re all guilty of from time to time. But all it takes is a session like what we had today to truly inspire us that little bit more.

We had a cello player collaborating with the likes of London Design Festival, a 3D animation artist who now is the official in house illustrator for Disturbing London, two guys with a dream that made the world’s first video magazine and that was just the tip of the iceberg. It’s really interesting because each person was so different but there was an immense amount of value in everyone. Talent can come from anywhere and that was what we really wanted to show. Not just by me or someone else talking and talking about it, but by them showing and being an example of it. You often doubt your own taste and think although you think something is good, no one else will. But actually, you’ll be surprised.

Iris opened a door that would have never see open. Not just here but anywhere. I surround myself with people like this every day, just waiting to get a chance to come and show some other cool individuals that they’re cool and talented too. I always say that this is just about collaboration and it might not happen yet, but it definitely is the start of something.

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