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The technology foundation for digital marketing has never been more complex, impactful, or diverse than today. It is impossible for most organizations to have the deep expertise critical to make many enterprise class systems perform at their best. Iris Concise - Boston  recognized this at our inception and committed ourselves to the core competencies that would best support our ability to maximize value to our clients. Whether you need someone on premise to make your marketing technologies function at optimal levels or just the confidence your strategic partner is leveraging the best tools to enable your customer engagement strategy, you can trust Iris Concise - Boston  has the people and technical expertise to deliver.


Many enterprises lack the in-house technical skills needed to design and develop a suitable data model in a timely and cost efficient manner. This hinders the ability of marketing teams to feed Business Intelligence, Analytics, or Customer Relationship Management solutions with data that is accurate, complete, and timely. To fill this need, Iris Concise - Boston  has leveraged its years of experience working with B2C and B2B clients across industries – including retail, publishing/media, automotive, travel, and pharmaceutical – to provide a flexible, scalable marketing database with vertical specific data schemas for quick, efficient implementations. With our vertical specific marketing database, designed using proven modeling methodologies by experienced Iris Concise - Boston data architects, clients can expect: Our blueprint based approach to ensure the correct industry entities, attributes, and relationships are accounted for in the data model design, with minimal risk that can easily extend to accommodate new data model concepts as needed A comprehensive data dictionary and predefined logical and physical data models that standardizes thousands of data attributes for a consistent view of data Options for software deployments, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon RedShift, and PostgreSQL. A solution optimized for use with SAS applications and tools, including SAS Customer Intelligence suite and SAS Information Map Studio Support for data hygiene and data augmentation


Making SAS more accessible. Recognized as a leader by both Forrester and Gartner, SAS solutions are empowering data-driven marketing teams to evolve their customer engagement strategies and out hustle the competition. For many organizations, acquiring and maintaining a reliable, high performing SAS environment to improve their own marketing initiatives is problematic, due to one of many possible reasons, including:

  • Lack of specialized technical know-how and IT resources
  • Cost-prohibitive software licensing
  • Time to market is too long
  • Inadequate solution design for capturing and
  • Integrating the “right” data
  • Or even ill-equipped to deploy SAS tools quickly and securely to a cloud-based environment, such as Amazon Web Services.

Iris Concise - Boston  has established itself as a premier SAS partner by helping clients unleash the power of SAS regardless of the problem(s) in their way. We do this by way of Iris Concise - Boston Private Cloud, architected for clients to easily configure, operate, and scale new deployments of SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Customer Intelligence, SAS 9.4, or the new SAS Viya platform. With Iris Concise - Boston  Private Cloud, clients have the option of integrating with one of our industry-specific data warehouses, designed for SAS and backed by 20 years of tried-and-true dependability, enabling a complete solution for optimal analytic performance. Alternatively, clients have the option of deploying to the Cloud, leveraging the Iris Concise - Boston  expertise to design and implement SAS applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Thanks to our standardized deployment approach, we can rapidly implement SAS applications on AWS that are pre-configured to work with other AWS services right from the start, such as RedShift data warehouses, Elastic Map Reduce, RDS databases, S3 reliable storage, and more. Organizations of all sizes turn to Iris Concise - Boston  to enjoy the benefits SAS analytics, typically reducing implementation times from over a year to under 6 months. Our cost-efficient, scalable, and secure Iris Concise - Boston Private Cloud frees clients from managing time-consuming administration tasks so they can focus on growing their business with the industry’s most powerful tools.


We make it easy to get higher marketing ROI out of SAS Customer Intelligence. Iris Concise - Boston  is able to offer a range of SAS Customer Intelligence services because of the depth of talent and experience on our integrated marketing and technology teams. A typical client engagement will leverage 6 experts – including Solution Architect, Data Architect, Technical Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Analytic Consultant, and Campaign Specialist – all working together to deliver a high-performance SAS foundation to support any digital marketing initiative. Our technical experts have extensive database and data store knowledge from years of project work with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, Amazon RedShift, Amazon RDS services, PostgreSQL, and IBM DB2. Regardless of where your SAS implementation stands, Iris Concise - Boston  has the right resources with the right level of expertise to overcome any technical challenge and unleash the full power of SAS analytics. Contact us today to learn more about any one of our SAS consulting services: Pre-Implementation Marketing Consulting: Applications and Design for Omnichannel Marketing Data Architecture Consulting: Data Model Design & ETL Technical Consulting: Solution Design and Documentation Implementation SAS Installation and Configuration Technical Development (i.e. custom data integrations, ETL processes) System Integration Customer Data Integration Marketing Database Development Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing Post-Implementation Program Execution & Campaign Support Advanced Analytics: (i.e. predictive modeling, segmentation, and customer journey mapping) System Calibration Ongoing SAS Administration (i.e. technical support, performance auditing, improvement recommendations, and Marketing Automation and Marketing Optimization troubleshooting as needed)


Where customer insights drive customer behavior. As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) partner – the de facto, most popular digital campaign delivery platform available today – Iris Concise - Boston supports the full line of Marketing Cloud campaign tools, including: Email Studio, Social Studio, Journey Builder, Mobile Studio, Advertising Studio, and Web Studio. Large enterprises turn to us to help generate the high-value targeted customer data that can be transformed into rewarding brand messaging delivered directly to their customers’ inboxes. Our campaign production team is composed of skilled, SFMC certified campaign developers and architects, that work seamlessly together to provide: Support for broadcast, triggered, and transactional messaging across Email, SMS, and Social channels for full customer lifecycle marketing SFMC onboarding and migration services Campaign design, development, testing, deliverability, monitoring, and reporting services Integration with SFMC API’s for custom solutions


Putting your data to maximum use. Data is the lifeblood of modern marketing initiatives. Enterprises today need a marketing service provider that is equally adept on two fronts: Integrating data from a variety of sources and databases Working with IT and database teams to reliably and securely move data to where it can be best used Using our extensive library of API’s and web services, Iris Concise - Boston  has the ability to consume and store data from just about any application, including CRM databases, e-commerce platforms, and digital direct marketing channels such as email service providers and social media.  Our range of custom services include:

  • Custom integrations that support specific data volumes and velocities, e.g. batch, micro-batch, and streaming integrations over RESTful and SOAP-based Web services, including SAS Event Stream Processing
  • Push campaign messaging data back out to different providers such as lifecycle and transactional trigger-based messaging to email, SMS, and mobile applications or secure sending of CRM data to DMP’s and social media for display ad re-targeting
  • Deploy custom integrations for mobile, tablet, and IoT applications
  • Behind-client-firewall, on-premise secure sending solution for strict enterprise data governance, operations management, and SLA requirements, enabling secure and reliable distribution of customer campaign data to marketing channel providers, e.g. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Facebook Custom Audience Targeting, and Google Ad Words Data augmentation from 3rd party vendors such as Axciom, Experian, and Speedeon Data

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