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In Boston, our clients’ success is the result of our innate capacity to put good data to use, helping them solve a range of problems for higher marketing ROI, including unlocking actionable customer insights, improving marketing automation performance and driving the right customer behavior at scale.

To help marketers in search of a partner adept at enabling customer engagement, we’ve organized our core competencies into four key practice areas: Loyalty Programs, Customer Journey Management, Advanced Analytics, and Marketing Technology & Enablement.

While our services are bucketed into these defined areas, our solutions are far from cookie cutter implementations. We know “one size fits all” approaches are ill-equipped to deliver competitive advantage, which is why we favor custom-made alternatives tailored to each organization’s unique marketing challenges and goals. Not typical at larger agencies, our senior executive strategic leaders get involved early and stay actively engaged with their integrated account teams throughout all projects.



Many loyalty marketers have sweated the details of launching a comprehensive loyalty program only to see it descend into coupon blitzes that consume budgets, reduce profit margins, and fall well short of acquisition and wallet-share expectations. Savvy customers today know how to game loosely cobbled together reward systems that frequently rely on steep discount promotions to drive sales. Those shoppers in line at checkout typing on their mobile phones? They’re googling promo codes, knowing there’s an “additional 15% off total purchase” offer ready to be plucked from RetailMeNot or Iris Concise - Boston  has been in the trenches and seen firsthand the customer behavior that adapts to offers and influences, dodging the desired outcomes that weaken the value proposition for well-intentioned loyalty programs. This firsthand experience has enabled us to develop a practice that knows how to intelligently design a loyalty framework that creates interest and drives engagement, advocacy, and above all else – tangible business results that justify investment. Don’t seek to launch a new program or reboot an existing one without first seeing how our seasoned practice leaders can guide you through the pitfalls and challenges ahead.

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Our Customer Journey Management (CJM) practice delivers the trusted foundation modern marketers depend on to intelligently engage customers along their most critical pathways to purchase. Our approach begins with eliminating the silos of data that persist across each client’s organization, enabling a complete and consistent view of customer data. The Iris Concise - Boston CJM practice leaders and analytics team work collaboratively with clients to identify new and existing customer journeys that have the greatest potential for increased revenues or reduced operational costs while still meeting or exceeding customer experience expectations. We then provide the means to design, develop, and test these customer journeys for overall effectiveness and continuous improvement. Our CJM practice consolidates the technologies, workflows, and automation needed to successfully orchestrate marketing programs at scale, across all channels, that intelligently engage customers and lead to increased purchases, loyalty, and advocacy. 

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In today’s digital marketing arena with sophisticated consumers completing multichannel customer journeys, every marketer can benefit from a little more strategic guidance to better direct their marketing efforts. At Iris Concise - Boston, our team of data scientists are proficient at uncovering the customer insights that fill this need and lead to competitive advantage. Outfitted with industry leading SAS tools and a cache of algorithms, they are able to elevate any customer engagement strategy by way of:

• Building an analytic foundation to tackle big problems

• Developing customer journey analytics to drive continuous improvement

• Improving personalized and optimized customer engagements

• Increasing capacity to measure and evaluate campaign performance, i.e. media spend efficiency

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“Some assembly required.” A simple caution for parents ordering a dollhouse, swing set, or bicycle. For today’s digital marketers in need of true enterprise class marketing systems? A gross understatement. Most organizations lack the in-house skills and experience to enable a suite of software products that work together seamlessly for optimal performance. Frequently we see businesses who have attempted “simple” implementations only to quickly grow dissatisfied with underwhelming campaign execution. For many others, the demands of an on premise solution are cost prohibitive or require a hosted, turn-key alternative. Whether you are just starting out and need options or are seeking assistance for an existing deployment, the Iris Concise - Boston seasoned team of solution architects and software engineers can deliver the marketing ROI you expect. No problem too daunting. No requirements too complex. Contact us today to see how we can deliver the marketing solution that’s right for you.

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