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Our two under-25 competition winners pitched to us as to why they should go to Cannes Lions this year and won with their idea ‘We Cannes You Cannes. Armed with a bucket list of challenges, a crowdsourced agenda and control of iris’ social channels, they’re on a mission to make Cannes more participative for the entire agency! Follow the action as it unfolds on Snapchat (irisworldwide), Twitter and Instagram (#irisXcannes).

Check out they’re highlights from the first couple of days at the festival:


1. Bringing life-long traditions into the digital age – WeChat, China’s‘super app’ – shared with us their vision to connect everything within the mobile-era; from people, services, retail and devices. Their campaign ‘Red Packet’ redefined a Chinese New Year tradition and brought it into the digital age, connecting the masses across the country – with 89% of city dwellers taking part. 

2. The IoT has been deemed the ‘fourth revolution’ - it’s predicted by 2020 that 25bn devices will be connected – which breaks down to 30x connected devices for every man, woman and child. Inevitably, our media landscape will change – but something that really stood out to us was the incredible way in which this tech is already being used to save lives. Check out how Cheil executed this for Korean Telecom’s ‘Life Saving TV’. 

3. How purpose can get your mojo back - SKINS, an Australian sportswear brand showed us the power of being ‘Purposeful Pioneers’. Their ethos to set the cultural agenda rather than merely reflecting it struck a chord with us and is something iris’ disruptive nature encourages. Fundamentally, brands have to remember that words aren’t enough as it’s how you execute your purpose that matters.


We visited Galaxy Studio to check out Samsung’s latest innovations. From 360º cameras and VR egg chairs to a waterfall of S7’s – it didn’t disappoint. One thing that took some getting used to was the 360º camera... after a few gawking photos – we got the hang of it. Check out our video of the final shot below! One thing we were also eyeing up was the VR Rollercoaster, which as you can imagine, had queues around the block. Don’t worry Samsung; we’ll be back for that!


It’s been another jam-packed few days on the French Riviera as Cannes Lions gets into full swing – hearing from some incredible cultural icons such as Anna Wintour and Will Smith to our very own iris influentials. iris Singapore and Philips took to the stage on Tuesday to discuss the importance of fearless agency/ client collaboration to create great work. Followed by iris SPORT and Adidas on Wednesday sharing the vast potential in shaking up sports marketing and making it fit for the content hungry slash generation. See below, just a few key nuggets from the action that captured our attention over the past couple of days:



1. The winning power of a long-term relationship - Contagious and Razor Fish presented some really awe worthy findings proving data can be used to work with creativity rather than stunt it. They analysed the winners of Cannes Lions from the past 15 years to discover if there were any clear do’s and don’ts to winning a lion. They confirmed that long-term agency/client relationships, larger number of people credited (demonstrating collaboration by default) and more junior members involved in the work (offering a fresh perspective) - all increased win rate. In some less serious stats - it also turns out that women called Veronica, who come from New Zealand in particular, are proven to be the most likely winners of the next Lion. YAY Veronica! 

2. Think progress over perfection - Disruption, as always, has been a hot topic on everyone’s lips this year. PepsiCo shared some useful insight into how they approach it as a business by leveraging diversity, sticking to focused ‘slam teams’ and allowing these teams autonomy to truly optimise their chance of success. They flagged the all too familiar frustration of meetings as merely an ‘illusion of progress’ and instead accredited the above approach of agile collaboration and input from across all roles and levels in the business for their latest successes. Fundamentally, they think of teams as nimble satellites within the broader brand solar system.

3. The backstory of Airbnb - AirBnb’s founder Brian Chesky faced a probing from Joanna Coles on the creation of the company. It turns out it all really did start from a few blow-up airbeds that led to the realisation that people needed a platform to help them to start trusting one another again - and what better way to do so than allowing strangers to stay in your home? Brian relayed how sceptics’ told him there was no way people would take such a leap… But by enabling ‘strangers’ to become ‘Jessica from London who’s an avid coffee drinker’ opens up people’s minds (and homes) to Airbnb’s success. With over 5,000 people in Cannes currently staying in an Airbnb and a reported value of $25bn – the talk was not only inspirational, but proved the value of thinking differently.


YouTube Beach - From Lightning Talks to smoothies and sand - a word of warning to anyone who plans to visit YouTube Beach, it’s incredibly hard to drag yourself away! What’s emerging as a festival constant, VR reigned the beach – this time offering an immersive learning experience from walking on the moon to the depths of the deep blue and shark infested waters (luckily from the safety of a virtual diving cage). The VR showstopper by far was Tilt Paint, which offers a unique immersive and expressive experience, wrapped into one. If you don’t hear from us again we may still be there, painting a new world full of sparkles and snowmen to live in.




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