Hope You Get To Eleven Or What Are We Going To Do About Sally?

Every single day 105 Americans die by suicide. That’s a death every 13 minutes.

Although it's the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., the taboo surrounding the issue continues.  We believe that it's time to shine some light on this complex issue. It’s time that we take part in the conversation as an industry. 

We specialize in using creative expressions to encourage critical dialogue amongst groups for our clients. So when our Head of Planning, Dipti Bramhandkar (a playwright in her own right) introduced us to a very essential show, we were both proud and excited by the opportunity to bring it to a broader audience.  

Written and performed by Padraic Lillis and directed by Scott Illingworth, “Hope You Get To Eleven Or What Are We Going To Do About Sally?” is a solo show about suicide inspired by real events. It is a powerful, honest and hopeful account of this difficult and important topic. The show seeks to eliminate the shame surrounding suicide and create conversation around it.  

We hope you will join the conversation in New York on November 21 as Padraic takes the stage at The Actors Company Theatre.

Please RSVP by visiting hopeyougettoeleven.eventbrite.com as seats are limited!