How adidas Football rewrote its marketing script

For Gen Y & Gen Z, sport is about more than just sweat, guts and glory. It's also a platform for self-expression - an opportunity to show off their imagination, to try some new outfits - and yes, to capture that perfect selfie moment.

Since 2013 we've been pushing adidas to celebrate the creativity inside every athlete, creating campaigns that embrace social fame as much as trophy counting. Not just adopting meme culture, but giving our customers the chance to win in it. And, of course, always keeping the product at the heart of the story with messaging that is as smart as it is punchy.

Embracing the mind as well as the body has put adidas football back in the no.1 spot for the first time in 40 years - and opened up a whole new playing field for participation branding.

Last week Creative Review spoke to Florian Alt, Senior Director of Global Brand Communications at adidas Football, about what prompted their new ambitious direction, and whether they think it has paid off…

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