iris Launches ‘WORK.LIFE’ to Help Business Brands ‘Thrive in the Era of Participation’

NYC: iris has created a global team – WORK.LIFE – focused on helping its business clients drive commercial advantage in the ‘era of Participation’, and working together to bring new B2B clients into the global network.

The WORK.LIFE team has been built on iris’ approach to business marketing. Business marketers are facing the same challenges as their consumer counterparts; of how to harness the growing influence of popular culture, as well as new platforms and technology, to create better performance on investments, more disruptive creativity, more distinctive branding and more involving customer experiences for business brands.

It will bring together B2B experts from across iris’ 1,000 strong creative innovation network, including from business consultancy arm iris Concise, and from recent acquisitions and investments Founded, Pepper and Unrival*.

WORK.LIFE will be led by Brennen Roberts in the U.S, iris Partner’s Richard Perry and Richard Mabbott in the UK, with centres of excellence in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Munich, and Sydney. 

Richard Perry, Partner, iris: "We’re launching WORK.LIFE as an open invitation to bright and ambitious business marketers who aspire for their brands to become much more than just a credible choice in their categories, but who want greater clarity and creativity of thought, a better blend of capability and more agility of action to help them realize the commercial benefits of building a ‘Participation Brand’”. 

Brennen Roberts, Managing Partner, iris Chicago: "With shifts in behavior and so much competition to capture the attention of customers and sellers, business marketers in the US need well-rounded agency partners that can bring the best of B2C to the B2B world. Work.Life, which fuses our experience building successful participation brands with our deep knowledge of the B2B landscape, can help break through the noise.”

iris has long standing expertise in helping to grow ‘Participation Brands’; brands that are purposeful and provocative, category innovating and culture shaping, and able to harness the power of involvement.  This expertise has never been more relevant for business brands.

Clients will benefit from expert teams that fuse skills in business brand strategy, demand generation, marketing automation, content marketing and CRM, PR, Influencer Marketing, sponsorship and data analytics around client challenges.

iris is already working with a wide range of business clients; technology disruptors WePay and Coupa to manage rapid growth; elevator brand Otis (for which iris was recently appointed AOR in the U.S); global technology businesses SAP, HP Enterprise, Cognizant, and industry titans Shell, Samsung, Philips and WS Atkins to take on ambitious transformation agendas.