iris New York Wins Super Clio for Jeep "Portraits"

After their big Super Bowl 50 debut, iris New York was awarded the Super Clio for Jeep “Portraits”. In its second year, 10 of the industry’s top creative leaders met with the Clio Awards team to pick the best of the big game.

They chose “Portraits” because it “hit all the high notes the Super Clio judges were looking for in a Super Bowl ad. The judges agreed that Jeep’s spot was beautifully crafted in idea, content and execution.”

“Over the past 75 years, Jeep has truly been on an amazing adventure and has an incredible story only Jeep can tell — from the brave soldiers of World War II, to cultural icons of the present,” said iris Worldwide co-founder Sean Reynolds. “The Jeep team referred to themselves as the ‘custodians of Jeep,’ which we felt was such an awesome sentiment, so we set about telling this unique story through the eyes of Jeep and it’s people in the most compelling way we could.”

Here’s what the judges had to say:

“What I liked about it more than anything else is that it credits people with intelligence and asks you to decode it. It gives you lots of examples of famous people and famous moments in time during the course of its life, narrated by itself,” commented Leo Burnett Worldwide Global CCO Mark Tutssel. “The summation of it, ‘We Don’t Make Jeep, You Do,’ was a lovely thought to quietly celebrate a national treasure in a beautiful, poetic way. It was a celebration of an icon, and I think it was a worthy icon.”

The judges also acknowledged the commercial’s staying power and rewatchability, given it was one of the few spots of the night the judges wanted to watch again and again.

“I liked the restraint it showed for the Super Bowl, to not use the typical tricks,” commented Super Clio Commissioner and Global Creative Chairman of McCann Worldgroup Rob Reilly. “There’s no hiding [in Super Bowl advertising], that’s what takes guts. Jeep could have easily shown driving footage or something similar, but they chose to show very little product and tell a great story.”

iris’ risk with “Portraits” has paid off. According to Reynolds, people all over have been sharing black and white photos of their own Jeeps on social media, accompanied by personal Jeep stories. “It’s had the cut through we were hoping for,” he said.

Ogilvy & Mather Chairman and Worldwide CCO Tham Khai Meng said, “It’s got all the cues of Super Clio and it’s worthy of the award. It’s really uplifting, and it makes the heart soar.”

First published: on 2/8/2016