Shopping With Gens Y & Z

Generations Y and Z. We've all seen the headlines. They are narcissistic, impatient and fickle. But the truth is they're the most exciting generation for brands and retailers since the baby boomers.

Our latest global study uncovers the myths and misconceptions attributed to Gens Y & Z, and the implications for brands and retailers today.

No longer is it sufficient to provide a reputable product and service.
Today, the brands and retailers that are excelling are those that help their customers exert an influence over others and gain approval among their peers.

Our study identified:
- Gens Y & Z's wants and desires, and how these desires affect their relationship with consumer technology, sport, fashion, leisure and food.
- Gens Y & Z's purchasing habits and what drives conversion.
- How to become a 'brand with retail influence' for Gens Y & Z.
- The changing role of physical retail - how to deliver a brand experience that plays a useful role in the influence journey.

Brands with retail influence are growing followers, footfall and sales.
So the real question becomes, 'How influential are you?'
If you'd like to learn how to capture your future customers and what our findings mean for your business, contact for more information.