This Mother’s Day, iris Atlanta is giving Mom what she really wants: another opportunity to fight in our corner

Take Your Daughter to Work Day was instrumental in giving young women, like many of us, a new perspective on their potential. It empowered a generation with choice, and encouraged them to make it for themselves. To the women who made all that possible, we are in great debt.

On May 12, the Friday before Mother’s Day, we hope to make good on what we owe by celebrating their contributions to the rise of women in the workforce, and share perspectives on the distance left to cover. We call it Take Your Mother to Work Day.

Starting at noon, the mothers (and mother figures) of iris Atlanta will descend upon the office for a day of celebration, conversation and inspiration. Activities include: Such a Thing as a Free Lunch, The "What Is It That You Do, Exactly?" Job Shadow Hour, The Mother of All Panels, Mom-Storming, and inspiring remarks from special guest speaker and nominee for Atlanta City Council, District 5, Liliana Bakhtiari.

And since you don’t have to be a woman to believe women are equal, nor must you have given birth to be seen as a mother, the daughters AND sons of iris Atlanta are encouraged to invite their most influential maternal force to join the event. Sisters, aunts, friends, teachers, fathers, wise local shop-keeps – whoever inspired them to buck the limits and pursue their dreams with the ferocity of a hangry bear.

Every day, women still struggle for equality in the workplace. This Mother’s Day, iris Atlanta is calling in the world’s toughest reinforcements. Because it’s easier to shatter glass ceilings when we lift each other up. Our mamas taught us that.