Born Of This Land

In Maori culture, it is believed that the land you come from defines you as a person in a way that transcends the physical world.

“We are all Born Of This Land and to the land we shall return.”

And there is no place on Earth where this statement is more poignant, and no greater sport that represents our spiritual connection with the ground beneath us than Rugby.

With the 2016 adidas Super Rugby jerseys launching and with unique designs for each franchise reflecting the land from which they came, a powerful idea was born. One that would not just become a statement of intent for every player and fan, but a sentiment that would run much deeper than 15 men on a field.

In a visceral and raw way, ‘Born Of This Land’ taps into a powerful cultural belief and became a platform from which to tell the intricate stories sewn into the fabric of the adidas jerseys.

The storytelling played across multiple channels. In retail, attention-grabbing images were created for each franchise showing the players literally ‘rising’ from the awe-inspiring landscapes of New Zealand.

At matches, we created short, sharp video content of our players being revealed through the mud. And, through social media we were able to tell the richer stories of the jersey and allow our fans to get closer to the players through ‘behind the scenes’ content.

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