Force Of Black

2015 was a big year for the All Blacks and adidas. The All Blacks entered the Rugby World Cup as the team to beat, while adidas looked to continue its dominance as a global brand ambassador for the sporting event.

adidas’s challenge was to position the ‘Blackest Jersey Ever’ and the new ‘Blackout Boots’ as a statement of intent for the team, the brand and a rallying cry for the nation.

The adidas All Blacks jersey is a representation of the most intimidating team in the sport. The entire range was designed to strike fear into the hearts of opponents through its performance and presence. ‘The Force of Black’ harnesses this fear.

The Force represents everything the All Blacks jersey stands for, from those who have worn it before, the spirit of the All Blacks on the field and the passion of the supporters. We unleashed the full power of our force by inviting supporters to join us, to embrace the ferocity of  the All Blacks and together harness the power behind the jersey.

Throughout the campaign period (July - November 2015) we released a host of powerful content:

  • Over 15 films including a brand film, player interviews and Blackout boot films
  • A range of individual portrait and group imagery through social channels
  • Store specific retail assets across the adidas All Blacks range
  • Stadium signage
  • Responsive social media during the All Blacks season and Rugby World Cup

And in London we launched the activation with an epic event. Together with adidas we challenged fans to see if they had what it takes to face the might of the All Blacks, sprinting on a roaring ‘Travelator’ and against an industrial fan on full-speed.  We saw fans sprinting with as if they were going for gold.  Or, going for black.  All Black.
It all added up to be adidas UK’s best rugby activation to date.  And when you’re working with a team like the All Blacks – ‘best’ is the only result that matters!!

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