Barclaycard BBS Website

In 2014 we took the brief to completely rebuild the B2B website. The site’s key objectives are to educate customers on Barclaycard’s products and services and then drive conversion. The core target audience for the site is SMEs.

The existing site was performing very poorly and not delivering the traffic to the call centres that it needed to. Also, in a Q4 2013 survey, the site received an NPS score of -50.

We completely redesigned the user experience to streamline the website; we removed duplicate content, dead ends and out of date pages, we refreshed the navigation to ensure it was clear and easy to use, we re-architected to ensure content was consistent and clearly laid out and calls to action were served at appropriate times.

We overhauled the content for over 180 pages. This involved working with each of the various product owners, business units and marketing departments at Barclaycard to ensure we have the most up to date information and then agreeing what the messaging hierarchies should be. Then we crafted the copy so that it was conversational and human, no longer jargon full and long winded.

Alongside the copy, the overall look and feel of the site needed a refresh And so we found fresh new imagery to bring colour and interest to each page and help with the comprehension of the products and services.

And we did all of the above for the responsive platform. All pages were designed and built with mobile in mind first, then out to portrait tablet and finally desktop, offering the customer a seamless and user friendly experience which ever device they accessed our site on.

As a result of the overhaul, the site moved to the no. 1 most accessible site within the Barclays suite of websites and applcations to call centres doubled.

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