Barclaycard Start Today Channel 4 Idents

Barclaycard wanted to become the payment brand synonymous with shopping. They wanted to demonstrate how they help people and businesses move forward everyday; build emotional connection amongst buyers and sellers and establish brand differentiation and relevance.

Our response was based on the premise that we all have at least one ‘something’ (big or small) that we haven’t achieved yet, but stuff gets in the way, and stops us getting started. When really, we just need one thing to get started. We decided to focus on the first purchase as the gateway to achieving this ‘something’.

We sponsored the ‘Inspired Living’ strand of programing on Channel 4, creating idents that showed 3 different characters finally starting what they’ve always wanted to. We overhear their thoughts and learn about the barriers in their way and ultimately, reveal the object that motivated them to get started. The films capture those moments and the joy people feel when they turn ‘someday’ into ‘today’.

The campaign went live on 05.06.17, results coming soon...

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