Big On Samsung

Samsung launched a multi-city promotion to tout its newest devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Playing off the "Big On" brand platform developed by iris, Samsung took to the streets across major cities to surprise the public with massive projections on buildings and billboard locations. The projections showcased the work of acclaimed street art talent and advocate, Meres, curator behind the controversial once graffiti Mecca, 5Ptz. In each city Meres created graffiti artwork in real time using Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 as his canvas and the S Pen as his brush. 

We hit the scene in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago where projections donned tags including, "Big On NYC", "Big On Philly", "Big on Boston" and "Big on CHI" and lured in pedestrians from all walks of life who were met with posters and promotions from street crews offering a $0 Upfront Jump! On Demand, courtesy of T-Mobile.