For this latest Chang Beer campaign, we wanted to establish the brands credentials and introduced to the world a concept that is distinctly Thai: Lamiat. Lamiat is a centuries-old Thai philosophy that encourages one to see things differently by focusing on the details and looking beyond the ordinary. It is a belief in continuous refinement to create perfection. And it is this constant pursuit of perfection — mental, emotional and physical — that defines both Thai culture, and Chang Beer.

We recruited two of Thailand’s most celebrated creators, award-winning film director Satit Kalawantavanich and up-and-coming illustrator Chatchanok Wongvachara. Together, they brought us across beautiful fields of barley and hops, ancient Muay Thai grounds in Sukhothai, through a festive parade with elephants and lanterns, and an ancient forest to an artesian spring, each element symbolic of one of the core elements of Chang Beer.

This campaign established Chang as the de-facto Thai beer, steeped in heritage, tradition, and a brewing method that is distinctively Thai.

Making of film