Chang Urban Pulse Unite Your Few

The second iteration of Chang’s successful Urban Pulse platform celebrated the pioneers of the hip-hop scene in Asia who have shaped a unique urban cultural identity that is distinctly different from the streets elsewhere. Facing censorship, stereotypes and cultural biases, the campaign aimed to serve as a platform and uniting force to bring true creatives together to showcase their craft.

Forming partnerships with pioneers including hip-hop originator Vietmax and rapper Wowy, the campaign includes live events across Vietnam and Hong Kong to celebrate the mediums of rap, b-boy, graffiti and DJ-ing.  A partnership with VICE and a limited-edition fashion collection shone a light on the new breed of artists emerging from the east who stay true to their craft.

The film showcases the collaborative ties between Vietmax and his community of urban artists, who share the Thai philosophy of Lamiat – which focuses on the importance of kinship in perfecting craft.

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