Common Ground

When RAM Trucks - a brand known for delivering poignant, culturally-driven messages during the holiday season - asked us to develop their Thanksgiving spot, we knew we had to do something that had never been done before.

Inspiration struck the Iris Atlanta team when looking at the stunning satellite images we found on Daily Overview - a photography project aimed to inspire and change the way we see our planet through the Overview Effect. We realized that these land formations have an uncanny resemblance to features of the human body. These visual parallels brought about a realization that inspired our concept and drove the direction of the spot – 'to the soil we’re all the same.' 

We set out to demonstrate this exceptional link by juxtaposing macro photography of humanity with satellite and aerial imagery of the land these Americans call home.

The result is a striking visual and a powerful realization: while we may gather around separate tables, in different cities, with different traditions, to the land beneath our feet, we are all equal, and all connected.

RAM Image 1