Kleine Foodies Club

Organic baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen has a strong British heritage, however, to launch the brand in the Netherlands a completely new proposition was necessary. Parents in the Netherlands aren't looking for ready-made meal replacements - they genuinely enjoy the process of helping their little ones along the journey, discovering the joy of eating.

We positioned Ella's Kitchen as an extension to the mealtime experience rather than a substitute with Kleine Foodies Club, the first major Dutch campaign. The goal is to help parents encourage their babies to develop a good relationship with food, using all their senses and becoming little foodies in the process.

The "Little Foodie" personas each embody different aspects of a healthy relationship with food and come to life though online films, print and social media executions. What started as a Netherlands only launch, has now evolved into a global campaign that’s being rolled out around the world.

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