Together with the LEGO Group we are on a continuing a mission to help parents nurture creativity – and invest quality ‘play time’ with their children – with #LEGOBuildAmazing. 

Based on the concern that adults might unknowingly stifle the growth of their kids’ imagination, prioritising a very narrow definition of ‘success’, we asked two questions. What happens when a child builds with LEGO bricks? And what happens when the LEGO Group sees the build as a blueprint for creativity that will impact the future? 

We brought together a group of children at a LEGO playground, tasking them to build ‘something that can fly’, using just their imagination and LEGO bricks.  The result? A flying rainbow cloud that rains candy (of course).    

We then took the idea to a group of aeronautical engineering students, who turned fantasy into reality.  

#LEGOBuildAmazing will be rolled out across India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.


The campaign went live on the 6th April 2017. Results coming soon!

Lego BA Image 1 Lego BA Image 2 Lego BA Image 3 Lego BA Image 4