LEGO Presents: A Gift of Attention

Asian workers clock some of the longest working hours in the world. In a culture where late nights in the office are commonplace, and academic excellence is prioritized, less attention is  placed on children’s imagination and creativity – if not nurtured and encouraged, it disappears during the wonder years.

With this insight, we launched our new Lego campaign, in order to drive social conversation and debate about the value of a child’s imagination. ‘City Adventures’ asks parents to give their children the ‘gift of attention’. We imagined what it would be like for a busy parent to see just how creative their child is, allow them to see how they are using their imagination, and more importantly, how much their child wants to share it with them.

The heart warming film focuses on the story of 6 years old Hsiao Feng, who’s creativity goes unnoticed due to his father’s long hours. LEGO worked with Hsiao Feng’s mother to film Hsiao Feng building with LEGO at his local enrichment centre, talking about his father, sharing that he wanted to spend more time building and creating with him.
LEGO dedicated its media space across the city, to allow Hsiao Feng to get his father’s attention. Aired across 25 OOH media screens in the city, including a 100-metre digital screen at Taipei Arena and in Taipei 101. At the end of yet another long working day, we got Hsiao Feng’s father’s attention on his commute home as he saw his son’s face on the screen – and moved to hear the thoughtful message expressed by him.  
The campaign will roll out across Asia – specifically in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, with LEGO hoping to spark a social conversation – and a change in mindset around the role of imagination.