Made to move you

160 years ago, Elisha Otis invented the safety elevator—and with that single invention, sent the modern world reaching toward the sky. In the century and a half that followed, competitors arrived, the industry became commoditized and that once bold brand fell into the ‘sea of sameness’—everyone looked and sounded the same. In 2016, Otis came to iris with one goal—to reinvent the brand that invented the modern skyline.

To move the brand forward, we first had to look back at the authentic values that helped Otis reach the #1 position in the first place. Through internal surveys, external research and discovery sessions with senior Otis leadership, we helped the brand find their core promise: “Reinventing the way you move through the connected world.” Authentic, yet aspirational—this passionate purpose is Otis’ guiding light for everything they do as a company.

From there, the creative rebranding process led to a fresh, audacious visual identity that at once helped Otis stand out from this ‘sea of sameness’ and push the boundaries of how Otis empowered their employees, customers and the 2 billion people they move every single day. Everything created for the brand refresh was done so with three goals in mind: bold, ownable, structured.

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