Friendship Service

BMW/MINI Dealers offer MINI Friendship Service (MFS)* for all MINI over 4-years-old. The challenge facing MFS was that the more cars aged, the less loyal their owners became. Owners were migrating to independent repair car shops and service chains in the mistaken belief that original parts and MINI service were the more expensive option.

To solve the problem we created a campaign that communicated original MINI parts and service are not only what every owner's beloved Mini deserves, but also that they are by no means more expensive.

*Internationally known as MINI Value Service

The awareness campaign focused on “MINI Hotspots” in Germany like Munich, Berlin and  Düsseldorf, where we involved MINI dealers and equipped them to sell MFS. Then we launched an integrated consumer campaign that included outdoor posters, promotions, and online communication, as well as dialogue elements like eDMs, a game, DM and, not least POS kits for all dealers.

A highlight of the campaign was the "360-degree Service" video that broke new ground in terms of style and technique.

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