Roche Molecular Diagnostics

This is B2B on a molecular level.


Up until 2015, the digital presence of Roche Molecular Diagnostics (RMD) was fragmented across various microsites creating a disjointed user experience.


As RMD’s digital lead agency, we partnered with corporate communications and global marketing to develop a modern digital footprint. From conception and migration through content enhancement, we delivered an impactful and easy-to-manage platform to showcase Roche's industry-leading systems and innovative technologies.


Within the website, we developed campaigns, supported product launches and brought thought leadership initiatives to life. One such initiative is the Global Access Program, increasing access to high-quality diagnostic testing in countries hardest hit by HIV. A strong creative concept was supported by interactive maps, infographics, and bold imagery to bringing this emotional story to life.


We continued developing engaging content throughout the site, creating a single voice across all RMD. Our efforts increased audience engagement with the website and solidified us as a reliable digital partner for years to come.

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