Unconfined: The Galaxy S8 Design

Samsung wanted to generate worldwide buzz around the new flagship Galaxy S8 & S8+, whilst triggering a serious rethinking of Samsung within the design elite. Where better place to make a splash in the design community than amongst the brightest and best minds of the industry, at Milan Design Week?

We knew that this needed to be more than an exhibition or an installation - Samsung’s activation in Milan needed to be the epicentre of excitement and enthusiasm for our focus on design – something that had never been done before.

We commissioned the world-renowned Zaha Hadid Architects, and a world-class digital art and design collective, Universal Everything, to collaborate on an interactive installation which would bring to life the design philosophy of the Galaxy S8 in an intriguing, stunning and credible way. Visitors were welcomed and taken on a journey through Unconfined: The Galaxy S8 Design, a completely bespoke interior, triggering mesmerising digital installations, showcasing the story behind the perfect unity of design, technology and experience of the recently unveiled Galaxy S8.

“Unconfined sets a benchmark in the way materials and technology come together to create a natural flow between device and user and was the inspiration for our fantastic collaboration with Universal Everything.” Patrick Schumacher, Principle, Zaha Hadid. 

Meanwhile, we brought Samsung and Wallpaper* together, creating an exclusive Design Book to uncover the Galaxy S8’s aesthetic innovation. Readers discovered more about the Samsung design philosophy through the eyes of world renowned writers and photographers, whilst getting an inside look into the Galaxy S8’s physical creation, including photos from Samsung’s factory in Vietnam and interviews with design and UX teams.

Access a digital version of the Galaxy S8’s Design Book

The immersive installation welcomed over 33,000 visitors over the course of the week, and was shortlisted for one of the prestigious Milano Design Awards by an international jury of designers, architects and editors.

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