Sanofi - Managing the Knee Pain Treatment Journey


The Step Back

  • Synvisc is a visco-supplement treatment for Osteo Arthritis of the Knee
  • Sanofi wanted to establish Consumer Direct marketing program to identify and manage leads through to drive increased conversion 


Bold Leap Forward

  • Established database of current users and prospects yielded from a wide range of lead generation activities
  • Developed progressive knee pain profiling and qualification, and a highly relevant e-mail and direct mail communication stream.
  • Journeys include dozens of data driven triggers designed to ensure maximum treatment conversion.
  • Evaluate and optimize media from all channels to optimize and redirect for maximum conversion


Results Fueled by Participation

  • Analytics informed media targeting to drive 36% increase in traffic year over year
  • Increased conversion by 30% through customer journey management approach and supporting media optimization
  • Email engagement rates reaching nearly 40% with 10%+ Clickthrough due to hyper-personalization
Increased conversion by 30%
Drove 36% increase in traffic year over year
Email engagement rates reaching nearly 40%