The Night Is Young

When tasked with launching Superdry’s holiday season campaign , specifically to engage millennials, we decided to take the brand in an entirely new direction. The competitor fashion scene is cluttered with branded content of a certain stlyle - beaches, sunsets, lens fares and washed out colour palettes. To stand out, we decided to focus on our audience’s actual interests, and where the real adventure starts for them….the night.

Forget your usual ubiquitous shots of beaches and sunsets that so frequently crop up in campaigns aimed at a younger audience. The launch film follows a group of millennials embracing the night – on side streets, at unplanned parties and impromptu fireworks on the beach. Whilst the wider campaign, brings together film, photography, GIFs and moving image with the hashtag #TheNightIsYoung - taking style cues and direction from the very audience we’re targeting and the way they consume social media.

Launching with a series of online films, ‘The Night is Young’ is a fully integrated campaign, rolling out across social, ecommerce, PR and bespoke influencer activation.

The campaign went live on 21st May, the film has already hit over 1.2M views, with more results coming soon.