Intelligence from the start

United Technologies’ aerospace division was on the verge of launching revolutionary new additions to their service offering: their aftermarket services (modifications, repairs, upgrades) got revamped and the whole offering was enhanced by the addition of a new predictive maintenance platform. This new paradigm meant a big launch opportunity with a distinct position, name, and look, all meant to debut at an industry trade show in Spring 2018 (MRO Americas)

Our team started at the beginning: positioning workshops to derive the service offering’s Passionate Purpose as we took that into messaging, naming (for the service offering overall and the predictive analytics software), creative, and launch campaign. Giving these entities their own look was tricky, knowing that they still needed to play within the company's overarching brand but needed to stand out as well. 

With our position "intelligent aircraft, intelligent action, intelligent partner," we went all in on owning the concept of intelligence, something competitors weren't doing. To us, intelligence meant intuition and the power to sense problems in advance, leading to our service offering name: FlightSense. The predictive analytics software became Ascentia, meant to be a personified entity, the head and the heart at the center of all of FlightSense'sintelligence. 

Because we started with positioning and naming, we had a huge head start when we got into creative concepting for the launch campaign. Everything moved seamlessly into brochure, presentation, social, video, and trade show signage.