Iris and Formula E win silver at Cannes Lion Festival

Iris and Formula E have picked up a Silver Lion at the Cannes Lion Festival, within the Entertainment category. Announced at the awards ceremony in Cannes on Tuesday 18th June, Iris’ initiative ‘Attack Mode’, for electric-powered racing series Formula E, was named the silver winner in ‘Entertainment for Sport: Innovative Use of Tech & Platforms in Sport.’  

Dubbed ‘the real-life Mario Kart’ by The Mirror, Attack Mode is an innovative FIA approved campaign that enhances electric racing by engineering extra jeopardy and unpredictability into the sport.  

The innovation, developed by a team of creatives and innovators from Iris and Formula E, was born from the introduction of Formula E’s faster, more powerful Gen 2 cars. The battery life of Gen2 cars last the entire race, meaning that the mid-race car swap, so synonymous with car racing, was rendered obsolete. Iris and Formula E set out to reinject excitement back into the race, blurring the lines between gaming and sport, by introducing a zone that lies off the racing line, allowing drivers to unlock an extra 25kw of power if they are able to utilise ‘Attack Mode’ in the right place and at the right time. 

‘Attack Mode’ has played a major part in making this season Formula E’s most unpredictable yet. So far 6 races have taken place, with 6 winners from 6 different teams. But it’s not just the racing that’s been enhanced; with ‘Attack Mode’ the viewing experience is broadcasted augmented reality, streamed live along the race with live telemetry. 

Forbes magazine state that “Attack Mode in motorsport is what the three-point line is to Basketball”, BBC Sport has called the season “Unpredictable. Astonishing.”, whilst The Sun has heralded it as a revolution. 

David Caygill, MD, Innovation at Iris, said: “Our design thinking led innovation approach yielded a simple yet brilliant idea, but it was one of those concepts you hold in a workshop and think ‘this would be amazing, but it’ll never happen.’ The fact it did is testament to the tenacity of whole team involved across Formula E, FIA and Iris”

The news comes less than a month after Iris’ latest work for the brand, ‘Street Level’, brought home two Gold Awards in Film from the 2019 Clio Sports Awards.

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