Iris Singapore picks up a whopping 5 Hall of Fame Awards

"Diversity of thought is the lifeblood of our industry, fueling great ideas and even greater debate." 

This year's IAS Hall of Fame Awards, celebrated this diversity, putting a spotlight on those great minds that don't think alike.


Having been nominated in a whopping 7 categories, we are so proud to have taken home the following awards: 

- SILVER Content Marketing Idea of the Year: Lego Build Amazing

- BRONZE­ Digital Design Campaign of the Year: Royal Caribbean Holideck

- SILVER Direct Marketing Campaign of the Year: Philips Retiree Rescue

- SILVER­ Product Innovation of the year:­ Kerry Helix Blend

- BRONZE ­Transmedia Campaign of the year: Lego Build Amazing


A huge pat on the back to team Singapore, keep up the good work!