We helped Domino’s to bolster its social-media presence by launching on messaging service Snapchat – the first for any UK pizza brand.

Our short film ‘Dough to Door’, shot entirely within the app, sat on our Snapchat story for 24 hours. The mini-movie follows the journey of a delivery driver who finds himself amidst an alien invasion on his mission to get pizza to a customer.  Viewers are shown a sequence of random letters during the film that contribute to a unique discount code to be used when placing a Domino's order online.  

Domino’s presence on Snapchat is another slice in an already impressive digital strategy and follows on from the success of 'Pizza Legends’, our online personalised pizza campaign that saw users create over 385,000 unique pizzas.

The latest Domino’s campaign from iris fits seamlessly with the brand’s innovative approach to mobile advertising, and will look to deliver ‘Moments of Greatness’ to users of the social media app throughout 2016.