Philips Retiree Rescue

Every year in Singapore, over 1,800 cases of cardiac arrest take place outside of hospitals, 13.8% of which are survived. While there are AEDs such as the Philips HeartStart situated in most public spaces around Singapore, most bystanders lack the confidence to respond to cardiac emergencies.

As part of a continuous effort to innovate to “make life better”, Philips wanted to debunk the myth that only trained medical professionals can save lives.

Our response - ‘Retiree Rescue’. We equipped retirees with the training and confidence to become rescuers, by offering a complimentary programme with hands-on lessons with the Philips HeartStart AED.

Kicked off with a recruitment film showing the first batch of retirees in training - the campaign is part of a bigger ambition, to change behaviour and help save lives by raising awareness around sudden cardiac arrest, and the need for more individuals to be trained in CPR and the use of AEDs.

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