Galaxy A Series

For the launch of the new Galaxy A Series, Samsung challenged us to use its new innovative triple and quadruple camera lenses to differentiate between increasingly competitive Chinese brands (the likes of Huawei, Oppo and Vivo) and establish Galaxy as a true market leader with millennial appeal.

We realised that for Samsung to be seen as a market leader, we needed to drive understanding of Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9, not just intrigue and excitement.

With 95 million images posted to Instagram every day, 70% of the images shared don’t even appear in people’s feed. So the more images shared, the harder it is to stand out - millennial's enjoy competing to capture the images others can’t.

We set to tap into this insight, creating two films built around the triple (A7) and quadruple (A9) camera lens capabilities.

The Galaxy A7 campaign brings to life the power of the ‘wide angle’ triple camera through 4 different scenarios, showing what would be a great Instagram shot but with the power of wide it can become even more epic.

The Galaxy A9 campaign follows our hero through Hong Kong’s famous Choi Hung estate showcasing the quadruple camera’s wide angle, optical zoom, live focus and low light features.

The campaigns ran globally across TV, online, social, retail and events.